There is a complex interaction between gut health, feed, and the intestinal wall itself, as well as the immune system. Animal health and production are affected negatively if gut health is compromised.

The presence of butyric acid has been demonstrated to play multiple roles in gut health and animal welfare. It has been a challenge for decades to find ways to stop it from being absorbed before reaching the intestines and control its unpleasant smell.


Gut health is the complex interaction between the microflora in the intestine, feed, the intestinal wall itself and the immune system. If the gut health is affected negatively this will have an impact on the animal health and production. Although butyric acid is an organic acid with proven benefits, it is not easy to reach the intestines because this acid is very easily metabolized. Perforza offers the technology that enables butyric acid to reach the intestines at the highest rate. Therefore, Perforza is much more effective than the coated products. Studies show that Perforza is 2 times more effective than coated butyrate.


Perforza contains tributyrin, butyric acid is protected from metabolization in early digestive tract thanks to its strong bound with glycerol molecule. This phospho-ester bond is a kind of covalent bond, which is a very strong chemical bond and allows molecule, and thus the butyric acid, to reach the small intestine for absorption, remaining intact. Moreover, in tributyrin, the active butyrate percentage in the molecule is around 85%, against 25% of coated forms. This means that with tributyrin you have to use a lower amount of product compared to coated form to have same performance results. As consequence, tributyrin is more effective and profitable solution.


  • Supports gut development, integrity and gut health.
  • Restores gut barrier.
  • Reduces gut motility.
  • Anti-inflammatory feature.
  • Reduces colonization of Salmonella.
  • Optimizes microbiota balance.
  • Positive effect on Coccidiosis problems.

Recommended dose : 250 g per MT of feed for broiler/ layer/breeder

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