A powerful natural formulation against diarrhea

Gutstat is a herbal product that prevents wet droppings and improves gut health. Besides securing growth, Gutstat has a positive impact on the gut ecosystem. By reducing wet litter conditions, Gutstat reduces ammonia production and fly population. It contains a synergistic combination of phytoextract (Punica granatum, Aegle marmelos & Psidium guajava) activated Zeolyte, and lactobacillus. Additionally, Gutstat also improves gut microbiota & gut immunity.

Key features of Gutstat

  • Optimizes water reabsorption, reduced mucosal secretion and inhibits prostaglandin release from intestinal mucosa.
  • Exert anti-microbial action against entero pathogens.
  • Controls intestinal colonization of pathogen, limits bacterial invasion and reduces bacterial enterotoxin production.
  • Reduce gastrointestinal motility and controls intestinal peristalsis movement
  • Removes harmful microbes as well as dispersed insoluble and soluble toxin from gut.

Benefits of Gutstat

  • Helps prevention of loose control caused by harmful infectious agents.
  • Controls nutritional diarrhoea.
  • Limits water and electrolyte loss and improves nutrient utilization.
  • Aids in production of well-formed stool.
  • Keeps litter dry

Major Ingredients:

  1. Phyto Extract
  2. Mineral Adsorbent
  3. Lactobacillus Acidophillus


  • To control loose droppings.
  • To keep litter in dry condition.
  • For better nutrient absorption.

Inclusion rate:

  • Prevention: Inclusion rate is 1 kg per ton of feed for broiler, layer & breeder.
  • Control: Inclusion rate is 2 kg per ton of feed for broiler, layer & breeder.
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