In recent years, an increase in interest in essential oils has resulted from their unique chemical composition and antimicrobial, immunostimulatory, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

In recent years, essential oils have replaced preservatives, taste enhancers, and antibiotics as natural alternatives. It is widely used for improving feed palatability and enhancing feed intake, for improving animal resistance and health status, and for preventing and treating disease.

Dosto O’gano™

'Dosto O'gano' contains Oreganum Essential Oil, which maintains gut integrity, supporting poultry health. This blend of oil from natural extracts provides a unique taste and flavour that helps to support water intake and feed consumption during stressful times. There are a number of benefits that are associated with oregano essential oils for livestock, including:

  • Maintains gut health flora
  • Improves feed intake
  • Optimises growth rates in animal production
  • Helps During stress periods
  • Supports better returns on egg production
  • Reduces mortality and improves FCR
DOSTO® O’gano for Poultry
Effects in Poultry

DOSTO® O´gano Powder 7.5%

Powder - Premix for all types of animals

Active ingredient 7.5% DOSTO® O´gano Oil
Dosage 150 g/t of feed
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