Brontyl is a fast-acting, safe, and effective antibiotic that is specically designed to treat macrolide-resistant strains of bacteria. It contains Tylvalosin tartrate, a second-generation macrolide antibiotic that is highly active against Mycoplasma gallispeticum (MG), Mycoplasma Synoviae (MS), Ornithnobacterium rhinotracheale (ORT), and Clostridium perfringens. Brontyl is a good choice for treating infections caused by these bacteria, as it is effective even if the bacteria are resistant to other antibiotics. Brontyl is also well-tolerated by most animals, making it a safe and reliable treatment option.


  • Effective control of MG and MS infections in poultry.
  • Control of necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens.
  • Control of Ornithnobacterium rhinotracheale (ORT) infections.


  1. Brontyl’s rst metabolite 3-AT has fast acting and effective antimicrobial activity against wide range of bacteria with in hours of administration.
  2. Rapidly absorbed & concentrate in target respiratory & enteric tissues.
  3. Concentrates with macrophages (class of white blood cells) and together with lysosomal enzyme combats target pathogen.
  4. Good palatability which ensures they receive full dose.
  5. Well tolerated by poultry and has low risk of side effect.
  6. Compatible with other anticoccidial drugs; making it a safe and reliable treatment option
  7. Rapidly penetrates the host and bacterial cell membranes, exerts superior ribosome binding because of the presence of the isovaleryl group which is essential in controlling intracellular organism like Mycoplasma spp.
  8. No adverse effect on zootechnical performance i.e egg production and egg quality
  9. Effectively control the vertical transmission; improves chick quality


Brontyl 62.5%
Tylvalosin (as Tylvalosin tartrate) 62.5 g
Excipients up to 100 g


Brontyl 62.5%

Dose Application duration
Broiler, Layer & Breeder 25 mg (as Tylvalosin tartrate) per kg of body weight*. 3-5 days & repeat every 4 weeks

*Dose & application may be followed as recommended or administered by veterinary doctor & practitioner.


  • Brontyl 62.5% can be given through drinking water as well as feed.

  • Brontyl 62.5% is available in 1 kg & 10 kg pack.
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