Dr. D. K. Dey

(Executive Director

The joy of inventing brings smiles to our stakeholders.

We are Immeureka. A young Company envisioned by the Pioneers in the Industry with a collective experience of more than several decades, we aim to dive deep into research and offer all the stakeholders in the animal health Industry state-of-the-art nutrition and immunology solutions.


Indian Animal Health Industry

The Indian Animal Health industry continues to contribute to the growth and development of the Indian Livestock Industry by providing superior health solutions that will not only prevent, treat, and control various emerging diseases but also increase farm productivity. The Animal Health Industry has transformed itself in recent years from disease and treatment control activity to a complete health provider while supporting the task of bridging the protein gap between India and the globe.

There is a clear void of technology-driven initiatives in India – one of the most formidable markets in the world having a 1.40 billion human population, being the Largest Milk Producer, Highest Bovine Population, 2nd  Largest Egg Producer, 4th Ranking Poultry Meat Producer, and Leading Aqua Producer.

And we at Immeureka are here to bridge this gap.

  • Leverage the advantage of the fact that the policymakers are enabling investments in India with lots of incentives.
  • Make a mark in product development with cutting-edge technology that can create a niche in the “Biotechnology Segment” for Poultry and Aqua.
  • Develop new generation vaccines, Biosimilars, and feed additives that can be a game changer.
  • Benchmark product quality for the Indian and global markets.



Immunity, Uniqueness and Eureka (passion for discovery) will resonate in all our activities.Our products and services will differentiate themselves from the rest due to its innovations, creating and delivering customer values across the world .

IMMEUREKA will be driven by its people (employees) , who work relentlessly for the stake holders.


We want to be a part of creation – creating a sustainable solution for the international farming community with our innovations and our one health centric approach.


  • Employee Centric Approach.
  • One Health.
  • Green Solutions are our guiding principles & core values.